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If you've received a DUI outside the state of California, it is likely that you will be required to obtain an "Alcohol Assessment" from a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor.  At CARE, our certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor will conduct the required assessment and implement a recommended program that meets the requirements of the state in which the DUI was issued.

We will handle all of the details including contacting the state in question to verify credentials and to determine the program requirements for the results of the screening. A verbal contact will be established when necessary with the agency that is requesting the program, certificates of enrollment and completion will be mailed and progress reports sent when mandated. 

We will insure that you complete all phases of any required out of state program quickly and effectively.

Why Choose our Services over other programs?

In searching for assistance with your out of state DUI you will find licensed clinicians who conduct various assessments which often include alcohol screenings, but in addition to a knowledge of alcohol related problems and solutions, it is essential to choose an agency with the ability and specific knowledge to deal quickly and effectively with the various state court systems and motor vehicle bureaucracies, anticipate and resolve potential problem areas, and have the experience necessary in the DUI field to assist clients at every level of the drinking driver legal maze.

CARE has specialized in the out of state drinking driver field for over 20 years, conducting assessments and treatment programs for clients receiving DUI's in states such as Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, New Jersey, Illinois, Iowa, Montana, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, to name a few. 

The Director, Michael Farrell is a certified drug and alcohol counselor, credentialed both state and nationally, and has been involved in the California Drinking Driver Programs since 1992. As the director of CARE, he has specialized in helping out of state drinking driver offenders obtain alcohol assessments and satisfy their program requirements since 1995. He has an in depth knowledge of all areas of this field and is uniquely capable of helping you work through and understand the maze of rules, regulations and requirements you must wade through to satisfy your out of state requirements. 

Each client's program is custom tailored to satisfy the state of DUI requirements, and also tailored to fit the client's work schedule as much as possible in the time allotted to complete his or her program.

CARE programs are conducted for out of state DUI offenders only and individual approval is verified with the authorities in that state before the client contracts for his or her program. CARE does not conduct DUI programs for California DUI offenders, nor does it satisfy or purport to satisfy California DMV requirements for restricted or suspended licenses. In the event a client's California license is suspended as a result of an out of state DUI, CARE will assist clients in whatever referrals are necessary to address that situation. 

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