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What is an "Alcohol Assessment/Screening Evaluation? What is the purpose and why am I required to get one?
An alcohol assessment is a means of ascertaining whether an individual has an alcohol abuse or dependency problem, the nature and degree of that problem, and the recommendations for addressing the problem if it exists. Most States require an alcohol assessment in order to determine the type of alcohol program they will assign to that individual. 

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What happens after the assessment? Are there additional requirements to be satisfied?
A DUI is a minimum misdemeanor offense which can result in fines, incarceration and an alcohol education program of some type. Depending on the results of the assessment, an education component will always be required, and sometimes counseling may also be included. Requirements vary from state to state. At CARE, we insure that the recommended program matches the required program of the State in question.

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What credentials must the evaluator possess? How do I know they will be recognized by the state requiring the assessment?
In virtually all cases, the evaluation must be conducted by a certified drug and alcohol counselor. In the state of California the credentials of this type are 'CADC", Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and "NCAC", Nationally Certified Addictions Counselor. CADC is a California certification, and NCAC is national, recognized by all states. At CARE, these credentials are current. In addition, they are verified in each case to insure that all assessments and / or education programs are valid and recognized by the state in question.

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What level of communication should be conducted by the agency conducting the evaluation and the state requesting it? 
At CARE, we contact the state in question initially to verify credentials, and to determine the program recommendations for the results of the screening. A verbal contact is established when necessary with whatever agency is requesting the program, certificates of enrollment and completion are mailed when required, and progress reports are sent when mandated. 

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How will my California drivers licenses be affected by my out of sate DUI?
Be aware that all states now share information reciprocally regarding DUI's. Some notify California upon conviction, others store the information and make it available upon request. When your California drivers license is up for renewal, the DMV requests data from all states. If your DUI is still outstanding at this point, your request for renewal will be denied until such time as you satisfy your out of state requirements.

It is important to complete your program as soon as possible so that there will be no interruption in your driving privilege. If the state where you received your DUI advises California DMV of your DUI, you may be notified that your driving privileges will be suspended pending completion of your out of state requirements. If this happens, in some cases individuals may be required to attend and complete a California drinking driver program.Therefore it is advisable to complete all phases of any required out of state program as soon as possible. 

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What type of costs will be incurred?
Since there is such a diversity of program requirements among states, program costs may vary greatly depending on the number of hours required and the services required. (Education vs. counseling). Please feel free to contact CARE at (949) 466-6641 for a FREE consultation and quote.

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What if I received a DUI in California?
If you receive a DUI in California, upon conviction you must attend a state licensed DUI school recognized both by the California courts and the California DMV. 

CARE programs are conducted only for out of state DUI offenders and individual approval is verified with the authorities in that state before the client contracts for his or her program. Our guarantees are that your program will satisfy the requirements of and be approved by the state where you received your DUI. 

In the event your California license is suspended as a result of your out of state DUI, we will assist you in whatever referrals are necessary to address that situation. 

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CARE programs are conducted for out of state DUI offenders only and individual approval is verified with the authorities in that state before the client contracts for his or her program. CARE does not conduct DUI programs for California DUI offenders, nor does it satisfy or purport to satisfy California DMV requirements for restricted or suspended licenses. In the event a client's California license is suspended as a result of an out of state DUI, CARE will assist clients in whatever referrals are necessary to address that situation. 

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